Feb 28th vs. April 1st: Which deadline do you prefer?

IRS Form 1099 Deadlines

While we spend a lot of time talking about the January 31st deadline for 1099MISC forms with a Box 7 nonemployee compensation amount (always a mouthful)... There are other form deadlines to be aware of.

Many of you are still suffering from the shock of the new 1/31 deadline for nonemployee compensation forms. The IRS adjusted that deadline a few years back, moving it up from March 31st. Even after the surprise of the earlier deadline has worn off, the deadline can be a difficult one to meet. It can be a scramble to collect and verify information, and then to create and file forms. Tax1099 helps users with this process, offering W-9 eSolicitation, TIN matching, and accounting software integrations.

The earlier deadline for 1099MISC Box 7 forms has another effect: the rush to file makes it difficult for you to transition from preparing and triple-checking your submission to getting ready to file other 1099 forms. That's why we'd like to remind you that yo…

IRS Form 1099MISC wrap-up reminders

The first month of 2019 is already long gone. Hard to believe, isn't it? It's a strong argument for "time flies when you're working so hard you forget to look up." Let's just hit pause for a second, and take stock of the status of your 1099MISC eFiling. 
Have you submitted all your 1099MISC forms with a Box 7 amount to the IRS? Have you sent info to the IRS for all payers, and all recipients? 
To some of you, this may seem like an odd question. If you're used to paper filing your 1099MISC forms, you're used to sending all forms in at once, with a 1096 summary form. When you eFile, you don't need to do this, though. You may submit forms in separate batches, and no 1096 summary form is required by the IRS. 
While this is great news for many filers, it can also be a little risky. You're missing information from one recipient, and you think, "no problem, I'll collect it, and send it in later." Only, George never gets back to you, and …

Why the IRS isn't as scary as you think: TIN matching

For many, the IRS is the monster under the bed. The not-so-secret fear of all who have something to report.
The IRS is characterized as the grim reaper, waiting to destroy you.

At Tax1099, we’re in almost constant communication with the IRS. We’re here to tell you that this grinning
goblin depiction is unfair. We’ve gotten to know the IRS pretty well over the last 10 years of being an
IRS-approved eFiler. Yes, the IRS is very stern. We’re fairly confident they mean well, though.

And we’ll tell you why:

Filers are frightened by the filing penalties that the IRS can deal out. File a vendor name and taxpayer
identification number (TIN) that doesn’t match what the IRS has on record? You’re looking at a fine of $260
per instance.

To some filers, it seems like only a matter of time. What if a vendor has messy handwriting? When it comes
to filing season, you're suddenly not sure if that TIN is XXX-XX-1889 or XXX-XX-1989... What if the vendor
accidentally put down a nickname on their W-9?…

Make it happen: What makes a successful 1099 season

What makes a successful 1099 season? Where do you need to be in your process, at this point in your filing, and what do you need to accomplish over the next two weeks? 
These are questions we heard during the live webinars we gave this year. We'd like to share this to-do checklist with you, to help you stay on track with your filing. This checklist is a bit of a choose-your-own-adventure. In large part, the steps you take now depend on what you've done to prepare throughout the year. 
If you've collected and verified vendor information already, this is going to be a breeze! If you have some work to do on that front, you've got a few more steps to follow through with. Don't worry, Tax1099 is here to help you with your process, no matter your starting point. Just take a look at how we make this easier for you: 

1. Get your information into Tax1099.

HOW? Integrate through an accounting platform, upload through an Excel template, or key in your information, if you only hav…

Tax1099 for Tax Year 2018

New year, new...
New year, new Tax1099. 
Is anyone else getting deja vu from that line? At Tax1099, that's the only accurate way to describe our platform from year to year: new. Each year, we focus on improving your user experience, the ease of your process. How do we do it? 
By listening. Our number one goal as your 1099 eFiling & reporting compliance platform is to stay alert and agile to your suggestions and feature requests. What have we got for you this year? Glad you asked. Here's the rundown. 
For everyone: 
Mask & unmask TIN, account-wide, under "My profile"Block a single form out of a submission batch, if neededChoose to add state filing after submitting federal forms *Note: You'll still need to file the forms with the IRS for us to be able to submit the state filing
For QuickBooks users: 
QuickBooks Online users: Try our 2-way sync for vendor informationQuickBooks Desktop users: Walk through our questionnaire to determine the best integration met…

Zenwork approved to offer CPE credit

For a couple years now, Tax1099, powered by Zenwork, has offered 1099 training sessions to prepare users for the eFiling season. In these sessions, Zenwork provided information on compliance changes as well as changes to the Tax1099 platform. In just two years, Zenwork has built incredible turnout for these sessions, as well as very positive feedback from Tax1099 users.

In the course of these training sessions, we received some very important feedback from our accountant users. These users told us that the information we were providing was a great value-add to their practices. Several went so far as to say that our sessions were on-level with other CPE credit seminars they attend.

At Zenwork, our goal is to provide the most current, most comprehensive compliance information available to our users. Our knowledgeable compliance team and our experienced developers work hard to code our platform to automatically comply with most IRS/state requirements. We want to make sure that our users u…

On this year's QuickBooks Connect

It's hard to believe that, only a week ago, our team was boarding a plane in San Francisco, on the way back from QuickBooks Connect to home base in Fayetteville, Arkansas. QBC is always an exciting, energizing conference. We're still sharing the great conversations we had with you among ourselves. 

QuickBooks Connect is a wonderful conference for checking in with our current users, those who depend on us for fast, secure, and accurate eFiling services. We also got the chance to talk with some accountants and small-medium business owners who need to update their 1099 filing process. Showing these filers that there is a better way to eFile is such a fulfilling experience for our team. 
One of the newest additions to our team, Brent Wooley, had this to say. 

"It was an awesome privilege to be able to attend the QBC conference this year. Getting to interact first-hand with accountants and business owners from all over the country with different perspectives and needs made for an…