Showing posts from May, 2013 offers effortless e-filing provides fast, secure, and accurate solutions to all your form 1099 e-filing needs. offers effortless e-filing of form 1099. Here's how e-filing through works:
Create a free accountManually enter data, or import from your accounting softwareSelect additional services (TIN Matching, Vendor form delivery, etc.)Submit the offers the full series of 1099 forms:1099-MISC1099-A1099-B1099-C1099-DIV1099-G1099-INT1099-K1099-PATR1099-R1099-S1098When e-filing 1099 forms, the IRS doesn't require the 1096 to be filed. The 1096 is available for your records through, but will not be submitted to the IRS.
2013 1099 Filing Information:Form 1099-K: Credit card, payment card, or other transactions
A withdrawal of funds at an automated teller machine (ATM) via payment card, or a cash advance/loan against the cardholder's account,A check issued in connection with a payment card and accepted by a merchant or other payee…

For Accountants

All accountants and payroll processors can now e-file 1099sfor their clients at a discounted price. is designed to support single 1099 recipient to multiple recipients e-filing in a single submission. is the first of its kind e file service provider who offers bulk prepaid pricing for the tax professionals to save up to 90 % off.

A fully trained dedicated account manager is assigned to understand your filing needs and supports you in e-filing. allows you to add and manage unlimited payer data and recipient information in easy navigation. You can submit single 1099 to 2.5 million 1099 records in one single account with our bulk upload feature designed to reduce time and increase productivity.

For Business Owners
Business owners can now focus on their other priorities by e-filing 1099 forms through as we ensure that they will get their IRS acknowledgement within 1-2 business days. is approved and certified by IRS as e-filing ser…

E-filing feature of

Any small business owner who hired the services of independent contractor/freelancer and have paid them $600 and above as compensation for their services must fileform 1099-MISC. There are 2 processes to file your 1099 forms, Paper filing and Electronic filing. Paper filing is considered onerous, as it requires one to go through tedious process of collecting 1099 form from the nearest IRS office or download from IRS website. Writing in all the business and personal information, standing in queue’s for submitting the form. All this is time consuming and requires lot of energy to get your 1099 form filled. Alternatively, there is an easiest way of getting it done. Yes, you heard it right, Filing your 1099 forms electronically (E-filing). There are a lot of service providers who offer e-filing services. One such service provider is is an IRS certified and approved e-file provider serving the industry for over 10 years. offers 1099 e-filing in 3 easy s… Mobile App Features:

3/3/2017 Update: no longer supports a mobile app. Many notifications from are now sent via e-mail. sends e-mail notification of IRS confirmation, W-9 updates, and TIN match results. Services offered through the mobile app are available in May 9th, 2013.
Signup/Sign-in to your account and create a new payer/payee data or view existing payer and payers dataEnter 1099-Misc amount in a new reportingPay and Submit to e-file to the IRS/StateTrack filing status on an Mobile Device or Online Download Tax1099 Android App Download Tax1099 iphone App