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4 Things to Think About Before 1099 Season

You’ve been waiting all year, and now it’s right around the corner: 1099 filing season!

We know that 1099 filing season isn't actually most people’s idea of a fun time. We want to give you a hand in the filing process. Here are 4 things to consider as you go into the season.

1. Have you collected your vendor's W-9 forms? A W-9 lists the vendor name and TIN. You will file the Taxpayer Identification Number and vendor name on a 1099 form. The IRS provides PDF's of the form. You can also use to e-solicit a vendor's W-9.

2. Have you verified the vendor-TIN combination? Entering W-9 information incorrectly on a 1099 is easier than you might think. The filing can also go wrong if a vendor provides incorrect information. Some vendors provide a "doing business as" name instead of their legal entity name. Other vendors provide incorrect information in an attempt to avoid taxes. Protect yourself against an incorrect filing by requesting a TIN match.…

Exciting New Features in

Take a look at this tax season's new features! Many of these features are live in the site. Some will be available later this year.
New User Interface
The biggest update is our new interface. We removed the Dashboard buttons, and replaced them with quick links. You'll see some links for: “Start New Filing,” “Print Out Existing Forms,” and “Submit Forms.” A navigation menu is available on the left side of the page.
Improvements to Importing Last season, we heard that customers would like to save their imports before submitting. Many customers edit their forms within This season, we're introducing an import grid. You will be able to edit and save from this grid. This grid is available for any import, including: QuickBooks,, Xero, and ZohoBooks. The import grid will give you the flexibility to start an import, edit the data, and return to the data at a later time.
Delivery Options at Check-out Both the USPS and e-mail delivery options are accessible from …