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Online Workflow Streamlines Your Multi-User 1099 Process

If more than one person is involved in your 1099 filing process, you have a workflow. There are a lot of components to the filing process:
Data entryData reviewEdit formsApprove formsSubmit formsGenerate reports In a paper-filing world, paper shuffles from one desk to another. Online tools can ease the workflow process, and can help prevent costly mistakes.
What to Look for in a 1099 Workflow Tool Online A good online workflow tool will help you file more efficiently. Here are some features of our workflow tool, available through an e-File Plus account.
1.Custom Rights Management – What roles and restrictions do you need to put in place? For example, you might have a user with full administrative access. Another user might have read-only access.
2.Ability to Add Unlimited Users – Right now, you may have two workers on the filing task. Later, it might turn into an all-hands-on-deck scenario. What if your team grows quickly? Find a tool that permits any number of users.

Why Should I TIN Match?

What is TIN Match? It’s a tool to confirm vendor name and taxpayer identification number combinations. When you request a TIN match, we check your combination against the IRS database. The match will either be accepted, or rejected. Can I Do TIN Match Myself? Yes; you can register with the IRS E-Services tool. The process can take a few weeks to complete. The IRS must approve your right to request matching services. The IRS needs to confirm your SSN and name along with some tax details you enter. If all goes well, they will send you a login ID and password via USPS.

Once you receive the login, you will have several steps to complete: 1.Login to the site. 2.Select the organization you will represent during the session. 3.Select TIN Matching. 4.Accept the TIN Matching Terms of Agreement. 5.Choose to begin an Interactive or Bulk Session.         Interactive Session: Enter 1-25 requests, receive immediate results        Bulk Sessions: 25+ results, receive results in a day or two You should set…

1099 Filing Season Deadlines

The years pass, but the deadlines remain fairly constant. It’s always good to have a handy reminder, though!

Below is a quick guide to deadlines for the 2015 filing season. Usually, the recipient copies should be marked for delivery by January 31st. This year, January 31st falls on a weekend, bumping the deadline to the following Monday.
Recipient Deadlines Form Type Recipient Postmark Date 1099 Series (except 1099-B, -MISC, and -S) 1098 W-2 W-2G 3921 3922 February 1, 2016 1099-B 1099-S 1099-MISC (boxes 8 or 14) February 16, 2016 1042-S March 15, 2016 IRS Deadlines One of the many advantages to e-filing is the longer deadline. The IRS e-file deadline is March 31, 2016.  The paper-filing deadline is February 29, 2016 (one extra day for Leap Year!).
State Filing Deadlines These vary, but are generally February 29, 2016, or March 31, 2016. Check with your state to confirm.
De-stress by Filing Early Remember, the above are the deadlines – you can always file earlier! If you have your data p…