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Even IRS Computer Systems Need a Holiday?

Yes, it’s that time of year. People celebrate a variety of holidays - Christmas. Hanukkah. Kwanzaa. The IRS System Maintenance Window.

OK, so the last one isn’t a true holiday ... especially if you are an IRS employee performing the system maintenance. The IRS system maintenance window is important, though. The IRS shuts down various systems as we transition from one calendar year to another. Here are some of the practical impacts of the IRS System Maintenance Window. Modernized e-File System (MeF) The MeF handles personal and business tax returns, in some instances. Both sides will be down for maintenance. Personal– Closed: November - January 19th. Last year, late approval of tax extenders delayed the reopening. This year, the approval came sooner than the week before the end of the year. The IRS will begin accepting personal returns on January 19, 2016. Business – Closed: December 26th - mid-January. A variety of forms go through the MeF on the business side – 2290, 94x Series, 1120 S…

1099 E-filing made easy with Intacct and

Intacct is a bit different than some of our other integrated partners. Clients of Intacct may be on a single-entity version or a multi-entity version. Accountant users access their clients via a dashboard.

These differences allow for an integration of information with multiple entities. The integration with Intacct could even bring in multiple clients at once. Intacct also tracks multiple types of 1099 forms, not just the 1099-MISC. We can pull any of those form types through our integration with Intacct. Let’s take a look at how it works.
In Intacct Vendors and payments must be set up in Intacct. You can use the "Create 1099 File" option under "Accounts Payable" to verify the integration will carry over correctly.
To set up your vendors, make sure you have a 1099 form selected. You'll also have to choose a default box for their payments. You'll find that under the "Additional Information" tab for each vendor. This is where you will enter the TIN … and Entrata - Simplify 1099 Filing for Property Managers

A couple of tax seasons ago, we worked with Entrata to create an integration. With many of our other integrations, the process is initiated from within Entrata users remain in Entrata. appears as an i-Frame within the Entrata users tool. Entrata users don't need to create a login - we'll read the Entata credentials.
In Entrata In Entrata, go to "Apps" and select "1099-MISC E-file." will load in the same browser frame. A page will come up asking for the form type and tax year. Select your form type and tax year, and click Next.
You can work with multiple payers at one time, if you have multiple in your Entrata account. 
In the import grid, look for vendors who may have red dots next to their names. Click on the flag column to filter for the red dots. A red dot signifies a formatting issue with that vendor's data. 
If there is data you need to fix, you may want to return to Entrata to do so. It's a good i…

1099 Deadline 2015

Here's a quick reminder to start thinking about 1099 forms. The forms we offer are available year-round. This includes our 1099, W2, 1042-S, and 94X forms. We provide e-filing, vendor form delivery, TIN matching and more. Contact us at or 1-877-811-3829, we would be more than happy to assist you.

Ready to get started? Click here to e-file all your 1099 forms!


Import 1099-MISC Data from Any Source Using Excel

Importing through a Excel spreadsheet template remains our most popular integration. Many of our accounting software integrations import to a 1099-MISC form. With the Excel import, many other forms are available.
Templates To begin, login to Navigate to the Import tab on the left side of the screen, and select "Excel Spreadsheet." You'll see all of the forms we offer. Select the form you'd like to file. On that page, click the link that says, "Download Here." Populate the template with your vendor information, then upload the file to the screen. To upload the file, click the blue "Select" button, and search for the file.
If you need to file corrected forms, select the check box underneath the upload bar.

Import process
Your forms will come up in an import grid. Red dots in the vendor rows signify missing data, or data that isn't formatting as per IRS regulations. We use the red dots to alert you to issues t…