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Preparing Vendor Information

For most of our users, 2016’s 1099 filing season is a distant memory. If you’ve filed, congratulations! If you haven’t … you’re late to the party, but you can still file through

As crazy as this sounds, what we really want to talk about today is preparing for next year’s filings. New year, new vendors. That means new information you need to collect and validate. Let’s walk through the steps you should take to prepare for 2017’s filing.
Collecting Vendor Information George hires five new contractors. He signs in to and navigates to People > Manage Recipient > Add Recipient. He enters the contractors’ names and e-mail addresses. He then e-solicits W-9 forms on the Manage Recipients screen.

Say George uses an accounting software, such as QuickBooks Online,, or Xero. George can collect vendor data in one of those programs, then sync the data to This ensures the vendor information is correct in both locations.

George receives an e-mail f…