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16. The Case of the Status Check


Walter puzzled over what could be done with a form that was scheduled to be submitted to the IRS. That is, until he talked to one of Tax1099's customer support specialists over live chat. A specialist explained that Walter could edit his forms until the scheduled date. This would keep Walter from having to file a corrected form, when he could edit the form instead.

Walter was happy to hear of this feature. He was sure he'd have to edit a box amount or a vendor's address before the forms were finally submitted to the IRS. This got Walter thinking, though. What would happen after the forms' submission? He was determined to find out.


Walter logged into Tax1099. There, on the Dashboard screen, he saw two places to check the status of his forms.

First, under "What would you like to do," Walter saw a "Check on Status" option. Clicking on the option, he was asked for his reference number. Walter hadn't …

15. The Case of the Form Update


Walter was now well-acquainted with three methods of vendor form delivery through Tax1099. First, he had learned about email delivery. With nothing more than the email address of a vendor, Walter could securely deliver a form. The vendor would receive a password-protected PDF of the form. The email would contain password instructions. With email delivery, forms were less likely to be misplaced by vendors. Hopefully, this would cut down on the amount of time Walter spent re-mailing forms last year.

Some vendors didn't supply an email address. For these vendors, Walter could choose Tax1099's USPS services. Walter wouldn't have to print, fold, stuff, stamp, or mail any of his vendor forms. Tax1099 would take care of the entire process.

Walter's third option was portal delivery. This option was much like Tax1099's email delivery option. His vendor would receive an email with instructions on retrieving a form from a portal. In…

14. The Case of the Portal Delivery


Though Walter would have preferred to email all his vendors their forms, some of his vendors did not provide an email address. For these vendors, Walter selected USPS delivery. Tax1099 offers this additional service, so that their users don't have to go through the trouble of printing, folding, stuffing, stamping, and delivering vendor forms. Vendor form delivery can be a tiring task. With Tax1099, Walter felt that it would be quick and easy.

Walter had explored the email and USPS delivery options. Now, he wanted to know if he had any other options to choose from. He had heard of something called "Portal Delivery." It was time to look into what Portal Delivery could do for him and his 1099 process.


Walter felt that he was really starting to understand how Tax1099 worked, and where everything was listed. He figured that he should return to the Forms > Manage Forms page to look for other vendor form delivery options. S…

Tax1099 Wins Second Consecutive User Favorite Award at Accountex

We're still jet lagged from our trip to Boston for the Accountex conference last week. Our heads are in the clouds, because we received the User Favorite Award in the Tax Add-on category for the second year in a row. We're proud of what we've accomplished as a team. We're constantly working to improve your user experience, and we hope to always make your list of favorites.
Read a little more about the award from our press release., Powered by Zenwork, Inc., Wins Second Consecutive Accountex User Favorite AwardPRESS RELEASEUPDATED: SEP 13, 2017 10:00 CDT
Accountex voters selected to receive the User Favorite Award in the Tax Add-on category. This is the second year in a row that has won the coveted award.
Brian Cuthbert, Group Vice President of Accountex USA, explained the significance of the awards program: “The User Favorite Awards are unique in that it doesn’t just recognize th…

13. The Case of the USPS Delivery


At Ernest's suggestion, Walter decided to pursue the possibility of delivery vendor forms by email. Tax1099 offers this service at no additional cost. Emails are sent out immediately, even if the forms have a scheduled date of submission to the IRS that has not yet arrived.

Walter was happy to hear about this option, but he had a couple vendors who did not provide email addresses. What was he supposed to do for these vendors? How would he deliver their forms?


Walter opened Tax1099, and returned to the page he had visited to email forms to vendors. This is the Forms > Manage Forms page. He selected the Payer and Tax Year from the drop down menus at the top of the page. Next to the "Email Recipient Copy" option, he saw a blue button that said, "USPS mail to Recipient."

Walter selected this option. He would be charged an additional fee for the mailing, but at least he wouldn't have to go through the time …

Accountex: See us at Booth 417

We're headed out to the Accountex conference in Boston this week. We're looking forward to meeting accountants from around the country. Make sure to stop by booth 417! We'll be there to answer all your questions, and to show you the in's-and-out's of our compliance platform.
We'll tell you about our accounting software integrations.

We integrate with Xero, QuickBooks Desktop, Online, Entrata, Intacct, and more. Importing data is as simple as connecting your accounting software to Tax1099. This capability is in-built in Tax1099. You can also choose to import from an Excel spreadsheet.

We'll tell you about our rights management tools.

We know that filing season can be an "all-hands-on-deck" situation. We preset administrator, data entry, and reviewer roles. You can also customize roles to meet your needs. Set some users to input data, some to validate information, and some to approve and submit forms. You can set up as many interaction points as yo…