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Tax1099 Training Webinars

Nov. 28, 2017
We kicked off our training webinar series this morning with a session for accountants and bookkeepers. Ed Pratt, Chief Operating Officer of Zenwork, Inc., joined as a presenter. Ed has 19 years of experience in compliance outsourcing, including human resources, payroll, and tax. Ed has assisted Tax1099 clients for the past 4 years. Marcus Parsons, the new Accounting Channels Director at Zenwork, spoke about data imports. Marcus is a CPA, formerly with PWC. Marcus joined Zenwork this year, and focuses solely on building relationships with Accounting and Bookkeeping professionals.

Thank you to this morning's attendees for participating in the session! We enjoyed sharing information about our dashboard updates, about creating forms, editing and correcting forms, and more. We also had some great questions from you. Here are a few we'd like to share:
Can you please address the "request W-9 form" feature? When you use Tax1099's eSolicitation tool, we send…

Updates to Tax1099 for the 2017 eFiling Season

November 11, 2017
We're excited to announce new updates to our platform for the 2017 eFiling season. Take a look to see how we've made eFiling even faster for you.
When opening your Tax1099 account this year, the first thing you will see is our new dashboard.

In the top right corner of the page, you'll find these options, from left to right: Log out button, Settings, Support Links, and Additional Options. The additional options icon is where you will find last year's, "What would you like to do" section. Here's where you'll find links to starting a new filing, generating your summary 1096 form, and more.

Under the settings button, you'll find your account information, events, two-factor authentication, and an option to upgrade your profile. With an Enterprise account, you'll have access to workflow management and user right controls. You'll also receive 250 TIN matches.

Under the Support button, you'll find links to our Knowledge Base.…