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Accountant's Guide: Making Healthy Eating Easier

Guest Blogger Kendall Meaders

With tax deadline fast approaching, accountants start disappearing from their favorite restaurants. It’s very common for accountants to skip out on lunch, or just to run and grab quick fast food. This is maybe the worst thing that you can do, at a time when your body is already under stress. During the tax season, more than ever, it's important to keep eating healthy. Make sure that you're getting a good balance of nutritious foods. 

You might be thinking this isn't possible for you. There's not enough time in the day. You have so much else going on. You can barely snatch a second to refill your cup of coffee. 

You might consider using a food delivery service. It's not just for pizza or subs anymore. Food delivery services now provide options from many different restaurants, right to your door.

A cool new trend all around the United States is food delivery services. In Fayetteville, AR, my personal favorite delivery services are WAITR or T…

How to Handle High-Maintenance Clients

Guest Blogger Kendall Meaders

During tax season, accountants often encounter angry and upset clients. Here are a few ways to handle the high-maintenance clients professionally, and not let them monopolize your time: 
Empathize, don’t sympathize- Let your clients know you care, but that you cannot feel sorry for them. Business owners often hate taxes and complain a little too often. Giving the business owner empathy, and letting them know you've been in the same seat as them before is important. Giving them tips on how to fix their problems will create a unique bond with the client as well. Taxes are usually the last thing a business owner wants to deal with at the end of their day, so it is important to set boundaries. Setting appointments, deadlines, and restrictions throughout tax season keeps your client organized and on time, avoiding frustration.
Don’t Fight Back-  Always remember that the anger a client shows you likely comes from the stress they're feeling. Don't respo…

The Accountant's Guide to Tax Season

Guest Blogger, Kendall Meaders

Often during the busy tax season, accountants can end up bearing the brunt of everyone's stress. Everyone is very stressed out and overwhelmed. With the following three steps below, you will be prepared to take on any obstacles that are thrown at you.

When you're stressed, healthy habits and extracurricular activities are some of the first things tossed to the side. Meanwhile, staying in your healthy routine is what often helps to keep stress levels low and health in tact. According to a study by Replicon, accounting professionals take more sick time in March than any other month of the year, 17 hours on average compared to 11 hours in other months. This goes to show that accountants often get so overwhelmed and stressed with the amount of work they’re doing that they put their health last.

A few ways to cope with stress and prevent getting sick are:
Stay hydrated and nourished-Coffee is not a meal replacement. Drink plenty of water throughout the d…