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Zenwork approved to offer CPE credit

For a couple years now, Tax1099, powered by Zenwork, has offered 1099 training sessions to prepare users for the eFiling season. In these sessions, Zenwork provided information on compliance changes as well as changes to the Tax1099 platform. In just two years, Zenwork has built incredible turnout for these sessions, as well as very positive feedback from Tax1099 users.

In the course of these training sessions, we received some very important feedback from our accountant users. These users told us that the information we were providing was a great value-add to their practices. Several went so far as to say that our sessions were on-level with other CPE credit seminars they attend.

At Zenwork, our goal is to provide the most current, most comprehensive compliance information available to our users. Our knowledgeable compliance team and our experienced developers work hard to code our platform to automatically comply with most IRS/state requirements. We want to make sure that our users u…