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E-filing feature of

Any small business owner who hired the services of independent contractor/freelancer and have paid them $600 and above as compensation for their services must file form 1099-MISC. There are 2 processes to file your 1099 forms, Paper filing and Electronic filing. Paper filing is considered onerous, as it requires one to go through tedious process of collecting 1099 form from the nearest IRS office or download from IRS website. Writing in all the business and personal information, standing in queue’s for submitting the form. All this is time consuming and requires lot of energy to get your 1099 form filled. Alternatively, there is an easiest way of getting it done. Yes, you heard it right, Filing your 1099 forms electronically (E-filing). There are a lot of service providers who offer e-filing services. One such service provider is is an IRS certified and approved e-file provider serving the industry for over 10 years. offers 1099 e-filing in 3 easy steps.
  • Signup for Free.
  • Enter 1099 Data.
  • Submit to IRS online.
However, before selecting a service providers there are certain things that you have to make sure of. First, the service provider you are selecting is certified and authorized by the IRS to efile 1099 misc returns. Second, the service provider should not be expensive but reasonably affordable and last, they should have a customer support system so that anytime you need assistance they are available to help you out. One such service provider who fulfills all the above requisites is

The e-filing feature of includes:
  • Combined e-filing to IRS and state.
  • Interactive data entry.
  • Bulk data upload.
  • Multiple Tax ID (EIN, SSN) are supported.
  • Phone, chat and email support from trained customer services associates., an IRS approved e-file provider offers quick and efficient e-filing service for your 1099 forms at price as low as $0.55 per recipient. has 24/7 customer support centre providing assistance during filing. Customers can also reach for queries through e-mail, live chat or phone.

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