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Forms to Submit in Separate Batches

We’re a day out from the Jan. 31st deadline for 1099-MISC forms with a Box 7 amount. While we like to automatically schedule you a week of time after you submit your forms to make edits, that scheduled window shrinks as we get closer to the deadline. We adjust the default scheduled date so that you will be sure to meet the deadline.

Then why do some of your forms have a scheduled date after the 31st?

Good question, and a lot of you have asked it in our live chats. We want to clear up what’s happening there.

We’re separating your filing into two batches so that you have as much time as possible to make edits to your forms before they are submitted to the IRS. Sending in a “mixed submission” would limit your window for edits on non-Box 7 forms. By bumping your non-Box 7 forms into another submission, we extend your window for edits.

This becomes increasingly important after the Jan. 31st deadline. After the deadline, separating the forms into batches becomes a compliance concern. If one or more Box 7 forms are submitted with non-Box 7 forms, the IRS may inadvertently mark the entire submission late. Filers who combine the forms into one submission could receive a 6721 penalty, “failure to file by January 31.” To clarify the error, you would have to respond to a 972CG, “Penalty Proposed for your Information Returns.”

That is, you would if Tax1099 wasn’t prepared to meet these compliance requirements. Our research and development teams work closely to adapt our platform and its features to match the most current IRS stipulations. That’s why we code your non-employee compensation forms to send separately from your other forms.

But what about the 1096? Will that be affected?

No; when you eFile your forms, the IRS does not require the 1096 to be sent. You may generate the summary forms in our system for your records, but the form will not be sent to the IRS.

The separate submission of your Box 7 and other forms is just one of many features Tax1099 offers to keep you from having to deal with penalty letters. When you eFile with Tax1099, you know your filing is accurate and compliant.

Thank you for choosing Tax1099!

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