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How Do I File Information Returns Electronically?

Learn the best and the easiest way to file information returns electronically with the experts from Tax1099.

The pandemic has certainly changed the way we approach a lot of things. But most importantly, it has significantly impacted the way everyone is approaching taxes. 

What used to be a continuous and chaotic process of back-and-forth with your accounting teams and filing the returns by paper, has now become a breeze of a process, which requires minimum human intervention. 

If you’re looking for online solutions to eFile your information returns but found the processes to be complicated, then you’re not searching right. 

As tax experts, we advise taxpayers of the same regimes and tools that make our job easier. And with that spirit of making things easier for you, we want to take you through an IRS-authorized and approved tax compliance enabler, Tax1099

100,000+ businesses like you leverage Tax1099’s digital tax experiences to file information returns electronically at a negligible processing fee. 

But before we delve into this dynamic platform, let us take you through a variety of information returns and how Tax1099 helps you eFile most of these returns conveniently.

What are information returns? 

Information returns are business tax forms that require the taxpayer to report certain information pertaining to the specifics of the transactions that occurred in the course of a business during a tax year. The IRS requires businesses to file information returns at periodic intervals for regulatory reporting and tax compliance purposes.

Different types of information returns

The IRS, which primarily issues directives and guidelines to help taxpayers comply with the tax laws of the U.S., requires businesses to file a variety of information returns depending upon the use case of the taxpayer. The reporting and filing requirements will vary per the type, size, and annual incomes generated by the entities. Learn more

The following are information returns that most business entities file with the IRS. 

  • Form 1095
  • Form 1097
  • Form 1098
  • Form 1099
  • Form 1042
  • Form W-2

How to eFile information return?

Tax1099, an authorized and approved agent of the IRS, with its digital tax filing solutions, enables you to file your information returns electronically in three simple steps. 

How to eFile information returns with Tax1099 

Step 1: Create
Select a tax form from our form directory and enter the information required by the IRS
Step 2: Validate
Validate the information in the form by verifying it with your books, vendor records, and Tax1099’s real-time IRS TIN Matching
Step 3: E-file with the IRS
Submit your tax forms to the IRS with Tax1099’s secure and powerful e-transmission interface

Directly transfer your information returns to the IRS without any hassle.

Electronic filing with Tax1099 

Click on any of the following links to be redirected to the form information page relevant to your eFile request. 

Alternatively, you can sign up for free and choose an information return from 40+ electronic forms, readily available for electronic filing from your Tax1099 dashboard.

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