Tax1099 Blog Stock Options What Is Form 3921?

What Is Form 3921?

Form 3921 – This is a form that companies would file when an employee chooses the incentive stock option (ISO). Incentive stock lets the employee buy the stock at a discounted price with the added benefit of receiving a tax break on the profit.

Information You’ll Need to File 3921

  • Which employees chose to use the ISO
  • Those employees’ tax ID numbers (TIN)
  • Your company’s transmitter control code

You must file the 3921 form with both the IRA and the shareholder that the form pertains to. 

Important Dates to File Form 3921

  • Paper filers must submit by February 28th
  • The due date for electronic filers is March 31st

These dates will be the next day if the date happens to fall on a holiday.

How to eFile 3921 for the Year 2020?

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